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Video Credit: Findlay Future Film

Top notch lumberjack entertainment delivered to your fair, festival, or special event.

An AXEtion packed show!  The Great Canadian Lumberjacks bring an exciting family friendly show to your fair, festival or event. During the show, you will see lumberjacks compete in disciplines like axe throwing, chainsaw carving, wood chopping, and cross-cut sawing all while keeping the crowd laughing.  The show is quick to set up and can be altered to accommodate almost any venue. We come equipped with everything we need, including a high quality sound system. Based out of Southwestern Ontario we are ready to travel to your event this year! Donʼt wait to book, contact us today. 


The Great Canadian Axe Throwing Challenge

The crowd will have the opportunity to take part in the AXEperience with our axe throwing range. Our expert lumberjacks will provide a quick tutorial and supervise the participants as they try out axe throwing. This option can be offered in addition to any show booked. Please inquire for more information.

Great Canadian Lumberjack Show Hot saw Jackie Ramsay
Great Canadian Lumberjacks Standing Block Chop
Great Canadian Lumberjacks Cross Cut sawing
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