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Great Canadian Lumberjacks Chainsaw carving

Chainsaw Carving: Wielding a chainsaw a lumberjack demonstrates their creative side by carving a block of wood into … well we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise! The carving takes a few minutes and is an exciting crowd pleaser.  The sawyer keeps the crowd guessing until the very end!

Great Canadian Lumberjacks axe throwing

Axe Throwing:  With a traditional double bit axe in hand the Lumberjacks take turns throwing for the highest score. The axe throwing target is center stage, the lumberjacks stand 20 feet back.  This event takes focus and accuracy – And a lot of cheering of course!

Great Canadian Lumberjacks underhand chop

Underhand Chop: With a razor sharp racing axe, a lumberjack standing on top of a horizontal block of wood, chops between their feet. It’s a race to sever the block.  This event requires accuracy and extreme precision

Great Canadian Lumberjacks hot saw jackie ramsay

Hot Saw: What is a hotsaw you ask? Imagine a modified chainsaw saw that’s twice as powerful and twice as loud! This saw cuts through the wood like butter  – No we aren’t kidding.  You’ll just have to see it to believe it! 

Great Canadian Lumberjacks cros cut saw

Crosscut Saw: The ol’ misery whip.  A traditional 6 foot saw with a lumberjack on each end, this event is not for the faint of heart, it’s hard work but with the right sawyers it may just give the chainsaw a run for its money.

Great Canadian Lumberjacks jack and jill

Jack & Jill Crosscut: Every once and a while a lumberjack needs a break, however the show must go on! A lumberjack will “give his partner a break” and go to the crowd to choose a new sawing partner. The winning team will win the best seat in the house! 

Great Canadian Lumberjacks

Standing Block Chop: Using that razor sharp racing axe, the lumberjack mimics chopping down a tree as they cut through a vertical block of wood. This event is all about strength and accuracy as the emcee counts with the audience the number of hits the lumberjack takes.   

Great Canadian Lumberjacks spring board chop

Springboard: Taking the audience back to the early 1900’s, the lumberjack chops a pocket into the side of a tree. They insert a springboard into the pocket, jump up onto the board and chop the top out of the tree. 


Great Canadian Lumberjacks log rolling burling

Log Rolling:  Battling for control two lumberjacks run on a floating log trying to send their competition for a swim. This event is a test of balance and strategy, kicking water is encouraged.  This is traditionally one of the most dangerous jobs for the lumberjack as river drivers would roll logs down fast moving waters. The best two rolls of three will decide the winner!

Great Canadian Lumberjacks obstacle pole

Obstacle Pole: With chainsaw in hand, two lumberjacks race to end of a 30 foot log that has one end on the ground and the other end 5 feet in the air. They jump on the low end of the log and race to the top, once there, they start their chainsaw, make a cut and race back down. This event is a test of both speed and balance.

Great Canadian Lumberjacks tree climbing

Tree Climb: Two lumberjacks equipped with climbing spurs and a rope race up the poles. Once at the top, they pull a chainsaw up from the ground and make a cut off a horizontal block of wood affixed to the pole. The first to finish the cut will be the winner.

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