The Shows

We provide different show options that are ideal for your fair, festival or special event. Want something you don't see here? We will work with you to create the perfect show for your venue. Shows can be altered to your desired footprint, location and desired length!

The Great Canadian Lumberjack Show

The Great Canadian Lumberjack Show is a showcase of both traditional and current loggersportsevents.  The show puts four lumberjacks up against one another in an action packed competition.  The show has a lively emcee that interacts with the crowd and keeps the lumberjacks in line.  The events include: chainsaw carve, axe throw, underhand chop, cross cut saw race, chainsaw race, hotsaw vs chainsaw race, Jack and Jill cross cut (crowd participant), standing hard hit and spring board chop. The show is approximately 40-45 minutes in length. 

Great Canadian Lumberjack show Kapuskasing

The Demo Show

It's all in the name, this show is a demonstration of events but the race is against the clock instead of another Lumberjack.  This show brings the excitement of  all the same events but in this show the two lumberjacks take turns demonstrating various disciplines. An emcee interacts with the crowd throughout the show. Events include: chair carve, axe throw, underhand chop, chainsaw race, hot saw race, cross cut sawing, standing hard hit and spring board chop. The show is approximately 30 minutes in length.

Great Canadian Lumberjack Show travellig lumberjacks


These POPLAR crowd pleasers can be added on as additional events! Cheer on the lumberjacks as they take center stage to log roll, tree climb or race on the obstacle pole. Please inquire for more information.